Senin, 24 September 2012

Chiffon Scarf Polkadot

Chiffon Scarf Polkadot !
Yea ! This cute motif is never-ending !
It always makes our eyes attracted to a cute round motif .. Especially when combined with the bright colors.
Available in three attractive colors .. Pink, red and baby brown!

This motif is also known as the hallmark of Minnie Mouse. Yup! Who does not know Minnie Mouse droppings? True love Mieckey Mouse from the Disney empire.
Moreover, he is very adorable! Aw! Mumumumuuu ~
Wops! Troubles looking hijab style? Can check our video on nabilaabdat channel's!
Link video: BULL! Hijab Tutorial Chiffon Scarf - HeadBand
Umm .. In the video there is a combination of inner ninja black - Red Polka Alice - Brown HeadBand

Will certainly make you look cute dear ..
Okay lah! Let's check collection Chiffon Scarf BULL! By NabilaAbdat! Yipiiieeee ~

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